The main concept behind Daiwa Royal Hotel D-CITY Osaka Shin Umeda is the "Mediterranean." We use blue and white abundantly to represent the sky and the sea, and in order to create a comfortable, clean atmosphere that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean townscapes.
We aim to satisfy the needs of both business and leisure travellers with the amenities and facilities we provide.
We would like to deliver an authentic resort-experience to you, even while staying in a metropolitan area.


Images of the sea are hung on the wall as decoration, emitting calming, soft energies.
Enjoy the recessed lighting and the carefully chosen decorations and amenities that all aim to ensure you have a pleasant, comfortable stay.



The lounge area aims to evoke the atmosphere of a terrace in some Mediterranean town. You can enjoy the hotel's breakfast at the lounge area in the mornings.
Meanwhile, the entrance and the lobby are paved with marble-like tiles. You can also find lemon trees as decoration, as well as a comfy hanging chair in the lobby area that you are free to try out for yourself.


The refreshing sense of nature is emphasized by the impressive cut-stone counter at the front desk. Behind the counter, a three-dimensional art installation is visible on the wall, also representing the “sea” and the “wind.” The introduction of the automatic cashier machines allows check-in and check-out to go even more smoothly.
You can proceed with the check-in and check-out processes at the machines set up in the lobby area.

Lounge & Dining

The ceiling at the lounge and the dining room is painted to the fresh colour of the clear sky, and together with the white wooden pergola, they give the impression of a seaside terrace bathed in the sunshine. The floor is covered in tiles reminiscent of terracotta, further making you feel like you are spending a nice afternoon on a sunny terrace somewhere in the Mediterranean.


Dark blue doors in contrast with the white walls representing the townscape, and the carpet decorated with stone-path motif altogether transport you to a town near the Mediterranean Sea. The bright and lively design makes you feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin and raises your expectations for your upcoming stay.