The inspiration behind the design concept for Daiwa Royal Hotel D-CITY Nagoya Nayabashi is the classy yet modern elegance of New York City. We use aquamarine and white as the main colours, as well as shades of pink on the special ladies only floor.
We would like to deliver an authentic resort hotel-experience to you, even while staying in a metropolitan area.


In Japan, New York City is associated with a sense of carefree stylishness, and our hotel aims to deliver the same sophisticated atmosphere to our guests. Enjoy the subtle, yet elegant room designs and the number of different wallpapers in guest rooms.


Front & Lobby

The colourful sofa in the middle of the lobby invites you to mingle with other guests and get into pleasant conversation with people from all over the world. The simple mixes with the luxurious, as monochrome fashion shots decorating the walls mingle with grandiose crystal chandeliers.
There is also a high-counter installed in the lobby with chairs, the perfect space to wait, or to enjoy some coffee at while watching the busy city outside the window.
Enjoy the crystals decorating the aquamarine backdrop of the front desk, where our staff is always happy to welcome you.

Ladies Floor

The ladies' floor departs from the aquamarine concept and is decorated with shades of pink and red.
Monocrhome fashion shots on the wall stand in pleasant contrast with the colourful design of the hotel.
Guest rooms on the ladies' floor are also decorated with pink. Enjoy the decorative pillows and bed-throws made even cuter with ribbons! These rooms will definitely make you feel all comfy and warm.
There is also a party room available for groups on the ladies' floor.

Public Bath

The male bathhouse on the first floor aims to express stylish masculinity with the contrasting colours of black and white. Large open spaces and clean surfaces help you relax in the hot water after a tiring day.
The ladies' bathhouse is based on a bright theme of white and aquamarine.
Moreover, we also set up a powder room adjacent to the bathhouse, with private rooms to reapply your makeup or proceed with your skincare routine.