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A shrine complex


    A World Heritage Site, the Todaiji Temple Complex is probably one of Japan's most famous historical sights. It is famous for being the home of the world's largest bronze Buddha statue. Historically and culturally important, this is a must-visit for everyone who is in Nara!


    This place is famous for hosting the famous Ashura Statue, who is one of the Buddhist guardian deities. You can also see the Five-Storied-Pagoda here.

  • 03Kasugataisha shrine

    The Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara is the grand shrine of the around 1000 Kasuga shrines all over the country. The shrine belonged to the Fujiwara family, one of the most influential courtier family in the Heian Period. You can also visit the shrine's treasury hall.

  • 04Yakushiji

    This temple has a history of around 1300 years, as it was erected to pray for the recovery of Emperor Tenmu's Empress, who had fallen ill. A lot of national important treasures are in the possession of this temple.


    The Buddhist temple Asuka-dera that was originally made by Soga no Umako was moved here when the capital of Japan was relocated to Nara in the ancient times. If you are visiting the Naramachi area, this is a must-see.

  • 06Toshodaiji

    This is a temple erected by Ganjin-wajo, a high priest who is said to be the person who brought Buddhism into Japan. You can see buildings from the Nara Period and Buddhas from the Heian period here.

  • 07Horyu-ji

    This temple that was erected in the Asuka Period (607) is famous as the temple of Prince Shotoku.The five-storey pagoda acts almost like a symbol for Horyu-ji, and is said to be the oldest wooden construction in the world.



    A 660 hectar space with abundant green nature and beautiful landscapes. It is known for its beautiful nature, deer, and Buddha, bringing the main charm points of Nara together.


    Heijo-kyo is the ancient name of Nara, from the time of 710 when it was made into the capital city of Japan. You can find the remains of the ancient palace here, and the gardens.

Leisure Facilities

  • 10Naramachi

    This is a popular sightseeing area located conveniently close to the station. You can find a lot of cafés and shops lined up in traditional-style buildings here and enjoy the ohistorical atmosphere.

  • 11Mt. Wakakusa

    Mount Mikasayama is aroung 342 metres tall. From the peak, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, which is what makes it a popular tourist spot. In January every year, you can see the dusk painting the town deep red.

Surrounding Facilities

Convenience Store

  • 01Lawson JR Nara Ekinishi Branch

    630-8122 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjohonmachi 11-20

  • 02Seven-Eleven Sanjoomiyacho Branch

    630-8123 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjoomiyacho 3-1223

  • 03Seven-Eleven Heart-in JR Nara Ekikaisatsuguchi Branch

    630-8122 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjohonmachi 1-1

  • 04Daily Yamazaki Sanjoomiyacho Branch

    630-8121 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjomiyamaecho 6-279-1

Medical Centre

Drug Store

  • 09Welcia Nara Ekimae Branch

    630-8115 Nara Prefecture Nara Omiyacho 1-3-8

  • 10Daikoku Drug JR Nara Ekimae Branch

    630-8244 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjocho 497-1 Fukawa Building 1F 2F

  • 11Drug Store Kinouta JR Nara Ekimae Branch

    630-8246 Nara Prefecture Nara Aburasakajikatacho 8-1

Gas Station


  • 14Yamato Shinkin Bank JR Nara Ekinishi Branch

    630-8122 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjohonmachi 11-11-20

  • 15Nanto Bank ATM JR Nara Ekinishigawa SilkiaNara 1F

    630-8122 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjohonmachi 8-1

  • 16Japan Post Bank Osaka Branch

    630-8122 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjohonmachi 1-1 VierraNara 2F

  • 17Resona Bank Shin Nara Branch

    630-8122 Nara Prefecture Nara Sanjohonmachi 1-2 JR Nara Ekimae