Experience the Culture

Social Corner

Nara Style Fan Making

Try making the famous Nara-style fan in this workshop and bring it home as a wonderful souvenir of your trip!

Tea Ceremony Experience

Learn more about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and use Nara's Takayama tea whisk.

Calligraphy Experience

Try your hand at Japanese calligraphy!

Karate / Zazen Experience

A zen temple, Hisamatsuzen on Mount Yamatokori that also works as a karate and zazen classroom.
Every Sunday, they have programmes aimed at cultivating the soul and body, with scheduled karate and zazen practice.

Mini Tatami Making

Try making a mini-sized tatami of the flooring displayed in the TATAMI part of the social corner!

Kakinohazushi Making Experience

You can listen to a lecture about how kakinohazushi became one of the most representative dishes of Nara, and then try to make this special type of sushi yourself as well.