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The Charm Points of our Executive Floor

Whether you are visiting to celebrate an important anniversary, on business, or just prefer to spend your vacation days in the utmost luxury, Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto’s special Executive Floor is the one for you!
Apart from the concierge service and special check-in and check-out counter in the Executive Lounge, you can also enjoy light meals and drinks here during breakfast time, tea time, and cocktail time.
Enjoy the perks that come with booking a room on our special Executive Floor and make the most out of your holiday.

7 Reasons to Choose the Executive Floor

View from the Top Floor

Guests staying in Executive Rooms (7F-9F) have access to the Executive Lounge, located on the top floor of the hotel. It is a luxurious space, furnished in a style that is imbued with the charms of modern Japan.
During the daytime, you can even spot the famous Kiyomizudera from the lounge’s windows. At night, enjoy the beautiful light up of the Kyoto Tower, and watch the Shinkansen rush by through Kyoto station.

Smooth Check-In at the Lounge’s Counter

Enjoy a personal check-in and check-out experience at the special counter located in the Executive Lounge. Our multilingual staff are ready to welcome you at the Executive Lounge check-in counter. We have staff from all over the world, speaking nine languages between them, so you won’t need to worry about a language barrier!
Do not hesitate to turn to us for assistance!

Executive Lounge Reception Times
7am ~ 10pm

Divine Snacks During Tea Time

Enjoy free snacks and drinks during tea time at the Executive Lounge! We set up a selection of food and beverages for guests to pick and choose from every day. Whether you would like to take a small break after check-in, or come back later for a snack and a pleasant chat, we are happy to welcome you!

Tea Time
10am ~ 5pm

Night Scenery at Cocktail Time

We prepare an abundant choice of hors d'oeuvres for you to enjoy before dinner. You can also choose from various drinks such as beer, wine, cocktails, and champagne. Watch the night landscape of Kyoto as the sun goes down with your beverage of choice and yield yourself to the moments of utmost elegance.

Cocktail Time
5pm ~ 7:30pm

Breakfast Buffet in the Morning

Even when the downstairs breakfast venue is crowded with other guests, you can enjoy a slow morning at the breakfast buffet of the Executive Lounge. Start your morning with some delicious coffee and your favourite picks from the lounge’s buffet!

Breakfast Buffet
7am ~ 10am

The Breakfast Service at the Executive Lounge is temporarily unavailable.
During the time of unavailability, for guests of the Executive Floor,
breakfast will be catered at the first floor restaurant, La Terrazza.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and ask for your kind understanding.

Period of unavailability
1 February 2020 (Sat) ~ 29 February 2020 (Sat)

Meeting Room for Business Travellers

We set up a meeting room that is adjacent to the Executive Lounge for Executive Floor guests. As it is free to use, it is a convenient workspace for people who would like to take their work outside their guest rooms. The meeting room can sit up to six people and it is equipped with a large screen, so it is also possible to hold small meetings in here during your business trip.

Opening Times
10am ~ 5pm (2-hour slots)

Exclusive Executive Floor Amenities

We would like to take your luxurious Kyoto experience to a whole another level, which is why we prepared an exclusive line-up of amenities on the Executive Floors.
Apart from Matcha Machines set up in every room for a perfect Kyoto experience, we also prepared amenities made by L’Occitane for a luxurious, pampering stay.
Book an Executive Floor room today and enjoy what Kyoto has to offer to the fullest!