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A Geisha-Quarter Experience in the Comfort of Your Hotel, Enjoy a Night in Kyoto with a Geisha Apprentice

If we say Kyoto, most people’s first association with the ancient capital is the elegant geisha quarters where charming geisha apprentices stroll around in beautiful kimonos. If you would like to experience the traditional aspects of Japanese culture, there is arguably no better place to start than the dazzling city of Kyoto that still retains the nostalgic beauty of ancient Japan.

The 90-minute-long maiko performance in Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto beckons you to step into the mysterious world of traditional Japan. Experience Kyoto as an Edo period samurai would during his travels! Full of dance, games, and smiles.

There was a time during the Edo Period (1603-1868) when travellers paid frequent visits to inns and teahouses to relish some hot tea and entertainment by tea girls. It is said that over time these tea girls, who provided entertainment to customers by putting on various dance performances, grew into the refined artists we refer to as geisha today.

Kyoto is considered to be the hub of geisha even in our times, and while they are harder to come by compared to the Edo Period, the traditions they represent are still alive and being passed down to apprentices.

Geisha apprentices are called maiko, and they undergo vigorous training in order to become well-rounded in arts and performance. Their initial training is followed by around a five-year period of additional training that is conducted mostly by observing their more experienced peers. It takes a lot of perseverance, learning, and time until they can earn the geisha title.

Experience Kyoto Culture in a Ninety Minute Maiko Performance

For many, GEISHA and MAIKO are the symbols of Kyoto both internationally and Japan-wide. Perhaps one cannot mention Kyoto without immediately linking it to the geisha tradition. Most often, geisha performances are conducted in special tea houses of the geisha quarters.

However, gaining admission to one of these performances is close to impossible. Many tea houses refuse first-time guests unless there is a well-respected patron introducing them, and finding the right connections might prove to be hard – especially if someone is on a holiday.

In an attempt to bring visitors closer to Kyoto’s traditional geisha culture, we periodically invite an apprentice geisha (maiko) from the Gion district to our hotel for a unique performance. Not only you will be able to meet a real geiko in person, but you’ll get to enjoy as she performs too, in the comfort of the hotel!

Games with the Geisha

For those who would wish to experience a more interactive aspect of geisha and maiko entertainment, the show also includes traditional game sessions. Take part in a game of “Konpira Fune Fune!”

This is a rhythm game, in which you face each other with a round object on a table between the two of you. The maiko will sing the popular song of “Konpira Fune Fune” and begin to touch the round object before you. The rules of the game are simple: you touch the object alternatively to the rhythm, and either of you may decide to take the object in their hand at any time it is your turn to touch. Once someone has taken the object, the other must knock on the table with a closed fist. It is possible to take the object from the table three times in a row at a maximum, the fourth time means a loss.

It is a simple but very fun game that allows you to interact more personally with the maiko.

Take a Photo with the Maiko!

We also prepare a special photo corner at the end of the show so you can take your memories with the maiko home in the form of a portrait. More than that, before the picture corner, there is also some time to ask any questions you may have for the maiko.

The world of the geisha is a mysterious, unknown one to the layman, and there are so many things the audience members want to know. From “how old are you?” through “what do you do in your everyday life?” to “how hard is your training?” our maiko guest politely answers your questions in a peculiarly charming Kyoto accent.

After the Q&A session, you can take pictures with the maiko on your phone and camera. The hotel staff are nearby, so they can also take pictures for you!

Senjafuda Paper Slips

You also receive a so-called senjafuda, a paper slip usually posted on pillars of temples by pilgrims, which has the name of the maiko and her home district printed on it. This paper slip serves as a sort of business card in the geisha world.

The maiko will hand these slips out one-by-one to each audience member at the end of the show.

Finally, make sure to keep the slip in your wallet afterwards as the paper slips of maiko are believed to be lucky charms that draw money in!

Choose Your Plan

Why not combine the maiko show with a dinner or a drink? We prepared several plans for you to enjoy the show.

  • Show Only
    Staying Guests : 3,500 JPY
    General Admission : 5,000 JPY

  • Show + One Drink
    Staying Guests : 4,000 JPY
    General Admission : 5,500 JPY

  • Show + Drink + Dinner Course
    Staying Guests : 8,500 JPY
    General Admission : 10,000 JPY

  • The prices include taxes

  • You can choose from wine, beer, and soft drinks for the drink set plans

  • Please note that the images displayed are for illustrative purposes only and the ingredients in the dinner course will be prepared with seasonal ingredients and are subject to change

Maiko Show information

Period September 2019 ~ March 2020 Every Thursday
Showtime 18:30 ~ 20:00 (90 minutes)
Venue Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto 1 Floor Party Room Tsubaki

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