Public Bath


The women's and men's bathhouses are furnished in two distinct styles: the women's lavish and colourful, and the men's elegant and solemn. Enjoy the aesthetics of Kanazawa while soaking yourself in the hot water.

Opening hours
Second floor

Tattoo Policy

It is possible to use the public bath for customers who have tattoos. In order to enter the public bath area, you will need to cover your tattoos with a cover seal sheet that you can purchase at the front desk.
Please note that the cover sheets are 80mm x 100mm and it is possible to use up to two cover seal sheets in order to cover up your tattoos. We apologize for the inconvenience but customers with tattoos larger than described above are refused entry to the public bath.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cover Seal Sheet(80mm×100mm)
1 sheet 200 JPY(tax included)

Men's Bathhouse

Enjoy the stained glass display that takes the stained glass in Oyama Shrine as its basis.

Ladies' Bathhouse

The design of this space is inspired by the beautiful motifs found on elegant kimono. We also have a powder room set up.