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Cultural Facility

  • 01Higashi Chaya District

    Wagashi (Japanese-style sweets), traditional crafts and cute cafés describe this charming shopping area. You can enjoy some souvenir shopping and even delicious meals around here.

  • 02Nagamachi Samurai District and the Nomura Family House

    This is the area where the upper and middle class of samurai had their abodes in the Kaga Domain, during the reign of the Tokugawa shogunate. Walking around here, you can experience the atmosphere of an era long past.

  • 03Kanazawa Castle

    You can explore the castle gardens built around the remains of castle that once used to belong to Maeda Toshiie, a famous warrior from the sixteenth century. We recommend to check out the parts in the garden that got renovated in 2001: the Gojukken Nagaya, and the Hashizume Gate. Take a look at the period-accurately renovated buildings to immerse yourself in history!

  • 04Seisonkaku

    The Seisonkaku is a very unique building from the late Edo Period. It is a construction that served as the dwelling of a samurai family and is renowned for its historical and architectural value.

A shrine complex

  • 05Daijoji Temple

    This temple is said to have been established around seven hundred years ago. While the temple has a long-standing history, it was moved several times, and rebuilt at the end of the seventeenth century. You can also find the Happniess Bell in this temple that you can strike to pray for happiness.

  • 06Oyama Shrine

    This shrine was erected in the sixteenth century, and is dedicated to the famous Japanese warlord, Maeda Toshiie. We recommend you take a look at the gate of this shrine, which is famous for having been designed by a Dutch architect.


  • 07Kenrokuen Garden

    There is something to see here in every season: the cherry blossoms in spring, the irises in early summer, the golden brown leaves in autumn, and the beautiful silhouettes formed by the snow ropes during the winter.


  • 0821st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

    Explore the works of modern and international artists.

  • 09Ohi Museum

    Have you heard about Ohi pottery? The pottery style goes back over three hundred years, and is celebrated as one of the most representative traditional art forms of Kanazawa. Here, you can find a gallery and also a café, where you can take a break after marveling

Leisure Facilities

  • 10Kazuemachi Chaya District

    This is the main street along the Asano River, with traditional tea houses and restaurants lined up along the riverbanks. Choose a shop you like and spend some time in and enjoy the authentic Japanese tea house experience.

  • 11Omi-cho Market

    Find fresh verdure, fish, and seafood in this charming market. You can also purchase wagashi (Japanese-style sweets).

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