The interior design of the hotel is based on the many colours of rich Kanazawa culture. Step into a world that is embellished like the most elegant kimonos of the present and past: from the front desk, through the Japanese-style public bath, to the guestrooms, we aim to show you the aesthetics that make Kanazawa unique and beloved by all.


D-PREMIUM Kanazawa aims to show off the beauty and elegance of Kanazawa as a city, and evoke deep emotions in the visitor.
Walking around the hotel, you will see patterns and concepts that bring Kanazawa to life: the famous snow ropes, Japanese umbrellas with elegant patterns, and decoration lavishly accented with gold.

Guest Rooms

The ceiling in the guest room is inspired by the so-called coffered ceiling: a golden base with the five main colours of Kaga brings out the elegance of Kanazawa. Gold is also the most used colour in the hallways. The guiding signs and the switch panels in the elevator halls were all inspired by mizuhiki, the art of plaiting and twisting paper.

Common Space

Use this lavishly decorated common space after enjoying a traditional, Japanese-style bath!
Apart from taking a break in this futuristic and yet traditional space, you can also find photo spots around here.