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  • 01Japan Mint, A Passage Through Cherry Blossoms

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    Japan Mint is responsible for the issuing and circulation of coins in Japan. It has several branch offices all over Japan, and the head office is located in Osaka. There is a Mint Museum located on site, where you can learn more about the history of Japanese coins. The museum is located in a historic brick building.
    Additionally, this is a famous venue for cherry blossom viewing, and is opened to the public during the peak blossoming period.

    • About 15 minutes on foot from the hotel

  • 02Osaka Castle / Osaka Castle Park

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    This is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan. Built by one of Japan's unifiers, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, this castle served as one of the strongholds while bringing an end to the turmoil of the Warring States period. While the original castle was lost to a fire, and later to war, it has been rebuilt and reconstructed in the 1900s. Now, the castle has a modern interior and it serves as a historical museum for those who would like to learn more about Hideyoshi's time. The view from the top floor of the castle is also gorgeous.
    It is also recommended to take a walk in the beautiful castle gardens and the plum groves surrounding the castle.

    • Ōsakatemmangū Station ⇒ About 4 minutes ⇒ Kyōbashi Station ⇒ About 1 minutes ⇒ Osaka Castle Park Station

A shrine complex

  • 03Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, Shopping Street, Tenjin Festival

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    The Osaka Tenmangu Shrine is said to be one of the most important shrines in Japan. It worships Sugawara no Michizane, a renowned scholar and poet in the ninth centruy who had been chosen as the deity of scholarship. The Tenjin festival, one of the most famous festivals in Japan is held at this shrine every year.
    One of Japan's longest covered shopping streets is located close to the shrine. It is recommended to visit this shopping area for its unique atmosphere, and also for the wide variety of dining options around the shrine.

    • About 5 minutes on foot from the hotel


  • 04Nakanoshima Park

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    Located between two rivers, this park was selected as one of the hundred most beautiful parks around Osaka. The main features of this park include a beautiful rose garden, and the winter illuminations that bring in a lot of visitors each year.
    If you wish to enjoy a scenic, green spot in the middle of Osaka, this park is a recommended destination!

    • About 15 minutes on foot from the hotel

  • 05Nagai Park

    You can find a botanical garden located inside this park, athletic stadiums, tennis courts, swimming pools and other workout facilities. In addition, a natural history museum is also located on the park grounds. The park also holds various events all through the year.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 11 minutes ⇒ Dobutsuen-mae Station ⇒ About 9 minutes ⇒ Nagai Station

Leisure Facilities

  • 06Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan boasts being one of the largest public aquariums in the world. Apart from being able to watch and learn more about the sea animals, an interactive part of the aquarium is also available, where it is possible to interact with the creatures, and touch some of them as well. In addition, night aquarium visits might also be available.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 4 minutes ⇒ Sakaisuji-Hommachi Station ⇒ About 13 minutes ⇒ Osakako Station ⇒ About 11 minutes ⇒ Kaiyukan

  • 07Universal Studios Japan

    Universal Studios needs no introduction. Enjoy eight different themed locations within the park, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Enjoy attractions inspired by the most popular productions of Universal Studios, as well as special themed shops and restaurants to further immerse yourself into the world of Universal Studios.

    • Ōsakatemmangū Station ⇒ About 4 minutes ⇒ Shin-Fukushima Station ⇒ transfer/About 4 minutes on foot ⇒ Fukushima Station ⇒ About 10 minutes ⇒ Universal-city Station

Other spots

  • 08Tenman Tenjin Hanjotei

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    This is a rakugo theatre located near the Osaka Tenmangu shrine. You can enjoy daytime or evening shows at this theatre, including acrobatic performances as well.

    • About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel

  • 09Umeda Area

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    One of the busiest areas of Osaka, including many shopping, business, gourmet, and entertainment opportunities. Enjoy the shopping streets and large shopping malls and explore the many dining opportunities this part of the city offers, from high-end restaurants to more casual bars and pubs.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 2 minutes ⇒ Higashi-Umeda Station


    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    An observatory is located on the 40th floor of this building, which offers a spectacular view of the city of Osaka. Open from 9:30AM to 10:30PM you have the opportunity to enjoy both the day and the night view of the city spreading out before your eyes.
    Beneath the Umeda Sky Building, you can also find a retro shopping street, inspired by the Showa era of Japan. Take a walk in the atmosphere of 1920s Japan, and enjoy a wide-variety of delicious dining options. The Tenku Art Museum is also located in the building. Enjoy the vivid, beautiful modern artworks and explore the museum shop or the in-museum café afterwards.

    • Ōsakatemmangū Station ⇒ About 1 minutes ⇒ Kitashinchi Station ⇒ About 13 minutes on foot ⇒ UMEDA SKY BUILDING


    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    Standing three hundred metres tall, Abeno Harukas boasts having one of the best views of Osaka from its observatory. The observatory is located on the top three floors of the building, and you can even find a café there, to enjoy a nice tea or coffee with the outstanding view. There is also a rooftop plaza, one of Japan's largest department stores, and an art museum located in the same building, so it's definitely worth a visit!

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 12 minutes ⇒ Tennōji Station ⇒ About 5 minutes on foot ⇒ ABENO HARUKAS

  • 12Shin-Sekai

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    Shin-Sekai means a ""new world"" in Japanese, and it really does feel like you have entered just that when you visit this place. With an interesting, busy ambience, Shin-Sekai will surely charm you, evoking the world of the early 1900s when the place was constructed. Enjoy a walk around this neighborhood and explore the restaurants and shops for yourself.
    You can also find SpaWorld here, which is an onsen (hot spring) establishment, offering various themed baths and saunas for visitors.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 10 minutes ⇒ Ebisucho Station ⇒ About 5 minutes on foot ⇒ Tsutenkaku Tower

  • 13Tsutenkaku Tower

    (Photo : ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)

    This tower is located in the Shin-Sekai area. It was built in 1912 and soon became the symbol of Osaka. However, a fire destroyed it in the Second World War, and it was later reconstructed in the fifties. The tower is open for visitors, and apart from many observation floors, it also includes a café, a museum, and the statue of the American-born deity, Billiken, who is supposed to bring luck to people who touch his feet.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 10 minutes ⇒ Ebisucho Station ⇒ About 5 minutes on foot ⇒ Tsutenkaku Tower

  • 14Osaka Shiki Theater

    Shiki Theatre is one of Japan's biggest current theatres, presenting various spectacular shows, including musicals. There is English support available on their website for those who wish to buy tickets to experience a show.

    • Ōsakatemmangū Station ⇒ About 1 minutes ⇒ Kitashinchi Station ⇒ About 5 minutes ⇒ Osaka Shiki Theater

  • 15Grand Front Osaka

    This is another large complex with shopping malls, office and event spaces, and restaurants. Explore the wide variety of shopping and dining opportunities, as well as the Knowledge Capital, located in the north part of the building. In this area, showrooms and shops teach visitors about the newest technologies in an innovative and interactive manner. The building also comes with several rooftop gardens that visitors can enjoy.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 2 minutes ⇒ HigashiUmeda Station ⇒ About 10 minutes ⇒ Grand Front Osaka

  • 16Nanba・Minami・Dotonbori Area

    One of the major shopping areas of Osaka. You can find all you need here: from maid cafés and shops for anime and manga lovers through thrift shops and peak alternative Japanese fashion to bars and restaurants. The Minami area is very popular with tourists who would like to explore more of Japanese pop culture and shopping opportunities. Take a walk in Amerikamura to explore more of Japanese fashion. For those interested in Japanese theatre, you can find both a Kabuki and a Bunraku theatre in these areas.

    • Minami-morimachi Station ⇒ About 7 minutes ⇒ Nippombashi Station ⇒ About 10 minutes on foot ⇒ Dotonbori / Akebonobashi

Surrounding Facilities

Convenience Store

  • 01FamilyMart Higashitemma Branch

    530-0044 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Higashitemma 2-9-1 Wakasugi Center Building Main building

  • 02FamilyMart Higashitemma 1 chome Branch

    530-0044 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Higashitemma 1-7-17 Higashitemma Building

  • 03Seven-Eleven Osaka Higashitemma 1chome Branch

    530-0044 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Higashitemma 1-12-13

Medical Centre

  • 04Kitano Hospital

    530-8480 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Ogimachi 2-4-20

  • 05Kano General Hospital

    531-0041 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Tenjinbashi 7-5-15

Drug Store

  • 06Sugi Pharmacy Minami-morimachi Branch

    531-0041 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Tenjinbashi 2-north2−north2-26 Marusan Building 1 floor


  • 07MUFG Bank Tenmma Branch Office

    530-0044 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Higashitemma 2-6-5

  • 08Resona Bank Minami-morimachi Branch Office

    530-0041 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Tenjinbashi 2north-2-6

  • 09Taisho Bank Osaka-kita Branch Office

    530-0044 Osaka Prefecture Osaka Kita-ku Higashitemma 1-2−11