Official Olympic Games Partner


Airweave is an official partner of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. This brand specializes in producing mattresses and other bedding items.
Every guestroom is equipped with airweave mattresses, 21 cm in width, which supports healthy and comfortable sleep.


Showerhead Producing Micro-nano Bubbles


A nano-micro bubble is 10000 times smaller than its counterpart, 1 mm in diameter. The Bollina showerhead produces these micro-nano bubbles, which are said to help keeping the skin clear.
All bathrooms in the guestrooms are equipped with a Bollina showerhead.

Bollina Wide

Massage Cushion


Every guestroom is equipped with Lourdes massage cushions.
The balls inside the cushion reproduce the feeling of being massaged by a real person. Just place it on your thighs, back, calves etc. and relax!


Amenity Buffet

We all have different preferences in hygienie products. Keeping this in mind, we prepared an Amenity Buffet at Daiwa Royal Hotel D-CITY Osaka Higashitemma, where you can pick and choose amenities to fit your style and preferences.
For example, we have four different type of toothbrushes, so no matter which type of brush head you prefer, you will most likely find something you like here. Browse away!


Hair ties, razor (with shaving cream), ear cleaning buds, face cleansing cotton, hairbands, hair clips, four types of toothbrushes, mouth wash, body sponge, body wash ball, shower cap, hair brush, lotion, milky lotion, makeup remover, face wash, coffee, powdered coffee creamer, black tea, green tea, hoji tea, jasmine tea, muddler