The concept behind Daiwa Royal Hotel D-CITY Osaka Higashitemma is the impactfulness and energy represented by the beautiful patterned cloths made in Western and Central Africa, as well as the unique beauty of the Rwandan Baskets. We aim to show off the charms of African art through our interior design and create a lively atmosphere for our guests to enjoy.
We aim to satisfy the needs of both business and leisure travellers with the amenities and facilities we provide.
We would like to deliver an authentic resort hotel-experience to you, even while staying in a metropolitan area.


Contemporary Africa

White, black, and bold contrasting colours describe these rooms that are inspired by contemporary Africa. Please enjoy folk art, including Rwandan baskets on the room walls!

An Adventure Movie

You can feel like you are the hero of an adventure movie, exploring Africa, when staying in this room, with its furniture inspired by the old European style. Your adventrues do not have to end the moment you come back to the hotel!

Rooms Inspired by African Culture

This room is decorated with various patterns, colours, and fabrics inspired by the bright, patterned cloths from East Africa, and fabrics used in West and Central Africa.



Enjoy the contemporary African art from the moment you enter the hotel! You can find the traditional Rwandan art, Imigongo, on the lounge walls of Higashitemma. Art made in the Imigongo style is often completed by women and it relies on using solely natural materials. Rwandan Baskets also decorate the lobby walls, depicting different motifs that each carry a different meaning.

Public Bath

The design of our two Japanese-style bathhouses was inspired by African motifs. Stretch out your limbs and enjoy the relaxing hot water as much as you like.